The Faculty of Engineering celebrates new SAICE Fellows

The Faculty of Engineering celebrates new SAICE Fellows

The Department of Civil Engineering is proud to have two new SAICE Fellows in its midst. They are Prof Nico de  Koker and Dr Johann Andersen. Their invaluable expertise and dedication have significantly enriched the department.

The grade of SAICE Fellow explained

Fellows are corporate members of SAICE who have achieved appropriate recognition in the civil engineering profession and/or in the Institution. They are considered to have significantly contributed to the profession, displaying substantial responsibility and initiative in the practice of civil engineering, and have considerable professional experience.

A nominee is usually proposed for this honour by a SAICE branch or technical division, and the nomination has to be supported by three corporate members, at least one of whom must be a Fellow. Nominations are considered by the SAICE College of Fellows, which comprises the current president, president-elect, immediate past president and two recent past presidents. Approved nominees are recommended to the Executive Board for confirmation and thereafter notified. They may then proudly display FSAICE behind their names.

Prof Nico de Koker (PrEng) is a computational physicist and structural engineer, currently serving as Chair of the Department of Civil Engineering at Stellenbosch University. After many years specialising in thermodynamics and heat transfer in materials at extreme conditions, Nico changed his focus to structural engineering, completing a second PhD in reliability-based design through Stellenbosch University. His current research interests focus on the analysis of uncertainty in engineering calculations and measurements, and its expression in design via risk and reliability.

Dr Johann Andersen (PrEng) has more than 34 years of specialist knowledge in the fields of intelligent transportation systems, transportation planning and traffic engineering. He is currently the CEO of Techso and holds the position of Adjunct Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering at Stellenbosch University. Johann served as the first President of the ITS South Africa Society and established the Smart Mobility Laboratory at Stellenbosch University which serves as a testbed environment to serve the transportation industry in education, research and training. Johann is passionate about the development of innovative and frugal solutions in the world of transport
technology and data.

📷 – Prof Nico de Koker and Dr Johann Andersen

[Credit: The South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE), Civil Engineering Magazine, June 2023, Vol 31 No 5]