Before You Apply


  • ClickĀ HERE to find out if you need to apply for ethics clearance (postgraduateĀ students can refer to slides seven and eight, and undergraduateĀ students can refer to slide nine).
  • Click HERE to listen to a recording of an ethics presentation that was presented in March 2023, or click HERE to listen to a recording (slides included) that was presented in November 2017 (you can skip the first 6:15 minutes of the recording).
  • The following information will mostly apply to Biomedical Engineering students:Ā  If you’re planning to submit an ethics application to the Health Research Ethics Committee (HREC), click HERE to view a presentation that was presented by Dr Blanche Pretorius in February 2024.



  • The Faculty Ethics Screening Committee (FESC) will need to receive your ethics application (i.e. after both you and your supervisor have signed/submitted the application) by no later than Friday, 13 September 2024.Ā  Late submissions can unfortunately only be reviewed at the end of January 2025.



  • Once your supervisor has signed your ethics application form, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Tanya Ficker ( within two work days.Ā  If perhaps you don’t receive a confirmation email during that time, kindly inform Tanya and also please follow up with your supervisor to ensure that he/she has successfully signed/submitted your application form.


  1. Where can I access videos/podcasts on research integrity and ethics?
  2. How do I apply for ethics clearance?Ā (scroll down and click on the “How-To Manuals”, in the bottom left corner, and then click on the “Application Guide”)
  3. Should I select the “HREC New Application Form” or the “REC: Social, Behavioural and Education Research (SBER) – Initial Application Form” (under the “Form” option)?
  4. How do I know if my application will be classified as low, medium or high risk?
  5. Are there specific submission closing dates for medium-risk applications?
  6. Is there an APPLICATION GUIDE I can refer to, with standard responses from the FESC for each individual question?
  7. How do I know if Institutional Permission is required?
  8. Where can I download the various templates?
  9. Can I include a Lucky Draw to motivate people to participate?
  10. How can my supervisor sign my application form?
  11. How do I respond to changes requested by my supervisor or by the FESC?
  12. Troubleshooting – how do I sign in to Infonetica?
  13. How do I edit my application form?
  14. When can I start with my data collection?
  15. How long will it take to obtain ethics clearance?
  16. How do I change my email address as displayed in my application form?
  17. How do I update or amend my personal details under Question 3.4 of the application form?
  18. How do I respond to stipulations or modifications from the REC?Ā 
  19. How do I submit a final report to the REC, or how do I create a sub-form in order to amend my application or upload a document? (this can only be done once your application has been approved by the REC)
  20. How do I share my application form?
  21. What are the REC’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)?
  22. Ethics clearance for a joint degree (partnership agreement with an international institution)