Stellenbosch University’s Engineering Winterweek aims to give high-school learners a glimpse into the engineering profession and into the life of an engineering student at one of the country’s best universities. The learners attending will meet and interact with professional engineers in the industry. In addition, the learners will be able to meet some of the faculty’s highly accomplished lecturers, and undertake tours of the faculty’s departments and facilities.

The Winterweek programme is intended to equip high-school learners interested in engineering with as much information and first-hand experience of engineering as possible, so that they may make an informed decision about their studies and career.

The programme is planned, arranged, and run by a committee of passionate engineering students, many of whom were once Winterweek attendees themselves.

Please note that the primary language of the Winterweek is English.


The Engineering Winterweek includes:

  • Daily visits to various engineering companies.
  • A half day of undergraduate lectures.
  • Tours of the faculty and all its departments:
    Civil, Chemical, Industrial, Mechanical & Mechatronic, and Electrical & Electronic.
  • A group project focused on engineering concepts.
  • Tours of the Stellenbosch campus.
  • Five nights’ accommodation in a residence on campus.
  • Three filling meals per day.
  • Dates

    30 June – 5 July 2024

  • Requirements

    Only grade 11’s and 12’s will be accepted.

  • Accommodation & Meals

    Stay and receive meals in one of the University’s many student residences.

  • Travel

    Pickups & Drop-offs from Cape Town International Airport. More info here

  • Cost


Applications close 31 May. You will be notified via email once your application has been accepted.

Winterweek offers the perfect opportunity to find out more about engineering, both as a degree and as a career.

Get to know the campus and your fellow students, and discover whether engineering is your passion.
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Cancellation Policy:

If Stellenbosch University is not permitted to host Winterweek in a physical attendance capacity for whatever reason (country regulations, lockdowns etc.), indirect costs relating to flights and other travel arrangements, etc. CANNOT be claimed from the Engineering Faculty or Stellenbosch University by the prospective student/Winterweek applicant. In the event that the Engineering Winterweek cannot take place on the above dates, attendees will be offered a full refund for all direct costs incurred for accommodation and participation in the Winterweek that was paid to Stellenbosch University. Should any cancellation, irrelevant of time period, be due to medical reasons, then upon receiving a medical certificate stating the reason for cancellation, the learner will receive a full refund. Should you suffer from an injury affecting mobility (for example, a broken leg) in the lead up to Winterweek, please contact the Director to discuss whether you will still be able to comfortably participate in Winterweek.

Travel Information:

Students with flights to and from Cape Town International Airport will be picked up and dropped off by University transport services, escorted by a Winterweek committee member. Flights must arrive on 30 June and leave on 5 July. if the abovementioned University transport services are required.

Contact information

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Winterweek Director at

Applications close 31 May. You will be notified via email once your application has been accepted.