Engineering proud of new NRF-rated academics

The Faculty of Engineering, Stellenbosch University, is indeed extremely proud of the impressive list of National Research Foundation rating outcomes of our academics who submitted their application this year in February. Fourteen of them received their ratings this week while the outcomes of three more are still outstanding.

The ratings per department are:

Civil Engineering

Prof JA Wium           C3

Prof JA du Plessis    C2

Dr A Oyegbile           C3


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Dr TR Niesler           B3

Prof MJ Booysen     C2

Prof CJ Fourie          B1

Prof HDuT Mouton B2

Dr OO Ogundile       Y2

Prof MM Botha         C1


Industrial Engineering

Prof JH van Vuuren B2


Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering

Prof A Bekker          C2

Dr JE Hoffmann      C3


Process Engineering

Prof G Akdogan       C2

Dr NJ Goosen          Y2

We are especially proud of those who received a B-rating and trust that the next A-rating of the Faculty is not too far into the future.

Prof Wikus van Niekerk, Dean of Engineering, expressed his sincere appreciation for the consistent performance of these colleagues as well as their efforts to prepare the applications. He added: “One of the advantages of this process is that each researcher needs to develop a vision and plan for their research over the next five-year period. Now, remember the saying Plan the Work, Work the Plan. All the best for the next five years and we look forward to your continuing contributions.”