Companies – here’s your opportunity to meet the engineers of tomorrow

Companies interested in recruiting Matie engineering students have an excellent platform at their disposal. This platform allows engineering students to find out more about career possibilities in the workplace.

“The Unit for Graduand Career Services at Stellenbosch University hosts an annual Career Fair that gives companies the ideal opportunity to introduce employment opportunities (permanent, vacation work or internships) to students right here on campus. Students, on the other hand, receive valuable information directly from companies and manage to get a glimpse of the working environment,” says Wilna Naudé, Project Coordinator, Graduate Recruitment at the Unit for Graduand Career Services.

The Faculty of Engineering is fortunate that an annual career fair is organised exclusively for engineering students. This year’s Engineering Career Fair was held on 8 August in the Academia Hall just a stone’s throw from the Faculty of Engineering building complex. Mrs Naude elaborates: “Sixteen companies participated and 858 engineering students attended. Over the years we have built up a distribution list of companies, and those on the list are invited to participate. Companies who are interested in participating and exhibiting at the Career Fair, are welcome to contact us at.”

Mrs Naudé notes: “The Unit also has two other platforms where companies can advertise their job opportunities, one for current students and one for graduates. This service is free of charge. Furthermore, the unit offers a range of career services to students. These include work sessions on CV writing, interviewing and job-seeking skills, personal branding (how to market yourself) and how to set up a LinkedIn profile.”

Companies and students can register on where companies can upload vacancies they want to advertise to current students, and students can view the dates and topics of the work sessions offered to them. Companies can also upload vacancies (aimed especially at graduates) at

An attractive, comprehensive guide with all the services offered to students is available at This electronic publication also contains background information and contact details of the companies that participated in the Career Fair.

Mrs Naudé concludes: “For a fee, our Unit can also send out emails on behalf of companies that want to advertise amongst a specific group of students.

The Unit for Graduand Career Services can be contacted at: or 021 808 3568.