12:00Civil EngineeringDr Richard WallsHow to (not) burn down a shack – fire safety engineering for the billion
12:30Mathematical SciencesProf Hugo TouchetteTour of machine learning and artificial intelligence activities at Stellenbosch University
13:00Process EngineeringProf Steven BradshawMines, data mines and urban mines – mineral processing done better
13:30PhysicsDr Pieter Neethling Fundamental solutions to real world problems
14:00Electrical & Electronic
Dr Willem JordaanControl in uncertainty – creating autonomous vehicles in a dynamic world
14:30Chemistry and Polymer ScienceProf André de Villiers Advanced analytical techniques for industry
15:00Industrial EngineeringProf Jacomine Grobler Data science – how to leverage data for superior decision making
16:00Mechanical & Mechatronic
Prof Anton BassonDigital twins – your systems' presence in Industry 4.0
17:00Centre for Renewable and
Sustainable Energy Studies
Dr Bernard BekkerManaging variability – key to a renewable energy future