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Student support portal

The ESC wants to play a supportive role in ensuring students of our faculty have their voices heard and their concerns taken seriously.

With this in mind, if you have any complaints regarding discrimination or harassment on the basis of sex, gender, race, nationality or otherwise, we encourage you to report the issue below. A member of the student Transformation Committee, with the utmost discretion and your privacy as a main concern, will guide you through the process of formally lodging a complaint with the correct department or university office and direct you to the appropriate student counselling services. You also have the option of anonymously lodging a complaint, in which case the ESC will ensure the issue is brought to the faculty’s attention.

Please keep in mind that this portal is for student support and advice and we will try our best to guide you along the process of formally lodging a complaint.

The portal is also open to positive suggestions regarding any changes that you believe are important to faculty culture.

Please fill in the form below.

  • Preferred contact details: Email or phone number and please provide the number if the latter
  • Nature of complaint or suggestion: Discrimination, harassment, an issue with the culture at the faculty, please elaborate.