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Company Bursaries (external funding)

The following information is based on the feedback we've received from companies that are able to offer bursaries to engineering students.

Department of Water and Sanitation
Assistance will be provided on a year-to-year basis and bursaries will be renewed only if the bursar's performance is satisfactory. The bursary covers the following: Full tertiary registration and tuition costs, residence and meal fees, book allowance, and an annual personal allowance.The following factors will be taken into account:
academic performance, race and gender, financial need, the need of DWS in reference to the specific qualifications.
Work Back Agreement: DWS will require bursars, who obtain their qualifications, to join the Department’s Career Management on a fixed term contract for a period of maximum four years. Should bursars choose not to meet this obligation, the bursars will be required to reimburse DWS for all monies spent on the tertiary studies, inclusive of calculated interest.
31 Aug ' Mtikitiki
012 336 7149
Department of Water and Sanitation
An average amount of R90 000 per annum. The bursary covers fees, accommodation, books, meals and a stipend. Anyone can apply for this bursary.
Work Back Agreement: Upon completion of studies, the bursar will need to work at DWS for four years in a Graduate Intern programme.
31 Oct ' Mtikitiki
012 336 7149
Glencore Alloys
Full costs for tuition per annum. The minimum requirements are stipulated in the application form.
Work Back Agreement: The successful applicant needs to work for Glencore for a certain period of time after graduation.
30 Jun ' Molope
014 596 1630
Hatch (Pty) Ltd
Full cost bursary, inclusive of accommodation, books, allowances and vacation work.BSc in Engineering or BEng in Mechanical Engineering. Minimum requirements to apply: You must be a South African citizen. You must be studying or intending to study a BSc or BEng in Mechanical Engineering at a recognised Tertiary Institution in South Africa. Tertiary students must have maintained an average academic achievement of 65% or above. Grade 12 students must have maintained an average academic achievement of 90% or above. 31 Aug '22www.hatch.comZinhle Mabona
011 231 6217
Kelvion Services (Pty) Ltd
Tuition, accommodation and books.A second-year African applicant (Employment Equity), with good 1st year results and a joint family income of no more than R90,000 per annum. An employment contract is not guaranteed, but will be considered at the end of the student's studies.31 Oct '22elias.gaju@kelvion.comVuyisile Elias Gaju
011 861 1502
Power Construction (Pty) Limited
Registration fees, class fees, accommodation, food, books, stipend. This bursary is open to South African citizens who are currently studying, or intending to study, a degree in Civil Engineering. Bursaries are awarded based on academic performance and financial need. The candidate may not be the recipient of any other bursary from any other company. Work Back Agreement: One year for each year of funding. 31 Aug '
Winnie de Pass
021 907 1458
SAPPI Southern Africa Limited
R120 000 tuition, accommodation, textbooks and meal allowance.South African citizens between 18 and 25 years of age, studying or intending to study full-time in the Engineering or Forestry fields. Work Back Agreement: two years.30 Sep '22 Freitas
011 407 8425
VASTech SA (Pty) Ltd
R100 000 per annum, paid in four installments of R25 000 per quarter for tuition, accommodation, and books. The student needs to provide an invoice in order for payment to be made. An Employment Equity candidate (South African citizen) currently studying to complete a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Residing or planning to reside in the greater Cape Town area after graduation. Able to commute to VASTech's offices in Stellenbosch. Consistently obtain an average of 60% or higher for all subjects. The candidate may not be the recipient of any other bursary from any other company.
Work Back Agreement: 12 months after graduation.
31 July ' Watney
021 880 9852
Zutari (Pty) Ltd
R120 000 per annum (this is a tuition bursary - it can include accommodation and/or books). The bursary will be awarded based on financial need and academic merit. The applicant needs to be studying towards an engineering qualification at an ECSA accredited University.
Work Back Agreement: One year for each year of funding.
30 Sep ' Mohajane
012 427 2000